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We have successfully represented companies in disputes over the image rights of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee.

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Client Testimonials

I have worked with Chris for over ten years on a variety of legal matters, including a well-known federal lawsuit that is now part of IP case history and regularly studied in law schools. It was a real life David vs. Goliath litigation and posed a significant risk for the future of my grandfather’s photography collection. With Chris’ leadership, we prevailed despite unfavorable odds. My family’s small business was preserved for generations to come. Our gratitude for this is beyond words.

There is no roadmap for the complex litigation matters that Chris has handled. Not every attorney has the stomach or chops for it. Chris is a uniquely creative attorney who provides expert advice, qualitatively comparable to big firms, but at reasonable costs. He is sharp, skillful, and strategic.

In short, Chris is a born litigator. I have watched him in court many times. I would never want to be opposing counsel in one of his cases. I have even heard multiple lawyers say the same. Chris is a what every lawyer should be–a true advocate for his clients. He also loves what he does.

Melissa Stevens

Director of Shaw Family Archives, Ltd.