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We offer the procurement of trademarks and the litigation of trademark disputes, and have obtained and/or protected hundreds of trademarks for blockbuster brands and startups. Our experience obtaining registrations covers individuals and companies in a wide variety of fields and across a variety of products, including: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, travel, clothing, photography, education, medical, website design, dolls, and soft drinks. If you need immediate and efficient help with a trademark, explore our online trademark services.

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Client Testimonials

We used Chris Serbagi and his team as our legal representation in a trademark dispute in 2017. As a Canadian based company, having to defend ourselves against an American company, in an American court, seemed an intimidating and daunting task. Chris and his team worked tirelessly to prepare our defense. In the end, his strategy and legal fervor resulted in our company not only beating the injunction, but because Chris went one step further, he got the court to rule that the plaintiff’s trademark status was generic and therefore unenforceable.

As a Toronto based company, doing business in the US, having to spend days in the New York courts and as someone who was called to testify, Chris always made me feel like our company was in very capable hands. And even now, years after the case ended, Chris still checks in to make sure his former client is doing ok. Never a doubt with Serbagi!

Anthony Cicione

President, Fight Network

Christopher Serbagi has been our trusted trademark attorney for the last ten years. He has very skillfully guided us through a variety of trademark issues and successfully obtained a number of valuable trademarks for our cosmetics company. Christopher has also very successfully litigated a trademark infringement litigation for us with multiple defendants, with incredible skill and at low cost. Christopher is very honest and employs incredible integrity and dedication in his work for me. He is responsive, diligent, and a pleasure to work with. We recommend Christopher without reservation.

Boom! By Cindy Joseph

Christopher Serbagi was hired by my company in New York to work on our trademarks. As the chief commercial officer of our pharmaceutical company, I had a significant interest in protecting our trademark portfolio. Christopher was extremely instrumental in establishing and protecting our assets. Though he was an outside contractor, Christopher worked as if he were a part of the company, integrating seamlessly with all departments and keeping everyone centered on strategy and implementation.

Over the years, I have tapped Christopher for additional services. He has consulted on contracts for another business I am now involved with. He has also provided cogent and creative legal advice on various agreements that cover an array of different activities.

Christopher’s depth of knowledge, focused thinking, and strategic mind have made him my preferred legal advisor. He always has good recommendations as well as a broad array of connections to help develop a robust and actionable legal plan.

Elaine Hochberg

Former Chief Commercial Officer | Executive Vice President | US, Forest Laboratories, Inc.

I have worked with Christopher Serbagi on various matters since 1995. He is incredibly hardworking, honest, and knowledgeable about trademark law and commercial litigation. Christopher worked with me on numerous trademark matters for many years, which he expertly completed. Chris is a creative lawyer who leaves no stone unturned. He is truly a fantastic attorney.

Amy Benjamin

Benjamin Law